Latest Project

Phoenix Run Fly is our newest project. It will be a story based space shooter. You are a decorated military space pilot unconscious and in the hospital. The Earth fleet has received word that the alien enemy is amassing for a final all out attack on the Earth and have left the system. You wake up and find this out. You know the information is false. Convinced the enemy is using the ruse to attack while the fleet is away, you leave the hospital against orders, steal an old Fly class space scout, and head out on patrol. This is where the game starts.

Current Project

Current Projects

Besides the mobile Android game, Phoenix Run Fly, we are also working on a Windows MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game Phoenix Run Battles and an Android VR game called VR Fighter.

Game List

PC Games

We create Windows PC and Linux desktop based games.

Mobile Games

We make games for the Android phone and tablet platforms.

Our Approach

Unity 3D is our game development environment of choice.

Our Games

Phoenix Run Games creates games for Windows PC, HTML5 browsers, Ubuntu Linux and Android. We are also developing Google Cardboard VR Games.

Desktop Games

  • Phoenix Run (In Development)
  • Phoenix Run Battles (In Development)
  • Space Bus (Ubuntu)

Mobile Android Games

  • Phoenix Run Fly (In Development)
  • Space Bus
  • VR Fighter (In Development)

Browser Games

  • Danny's Car Game
  • Phoenix Run Combat Demo
  • Phoenix Run Fly Combat Demo

Ratings and Reviews

We currently only have one game that is live and can be rated. It is Space Bus on the Android platform.

“Love it! It's great that there are questions to be answered as well as action. ”
5 Stars

5 Star Space Bus Rating

“Fun way to learn ”
5 Stars

5 Star Space Bus Rating

“Great game Loved it!”
5 Stars

5 Star Space Bus Rating

Gaming News

Recent stories in gaming and from Phoenix Run Games.

Space Fighter VR New Release

August 3rd

Space Fighter VR version 1.1 Has Been Released. The Space Fighter VR Version 1.1 Changes are:
> Improved Radar
> Local Game High Score Tracking
> Improved Non-VR Mode
> Ability To Change Background
> Game Starts in Sniper Mode
> Added Damage Indicator
> Enemies are now Larger with less Armor

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Phoenix Run Battles Update

May 21th

I have found a way to have high speed space combat using the Unity UNet multiplayer library. This means I can now get multiplayer to work in Phownix Run Battles the way I want, without the models hopping all over the place.

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Space Fighter VR Released

March 19th

Space Fighter VR has been released. It is Phoenix Run Game's first VR game.

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